It is estimated that 75 million sq. ft. of rooftops can be immediately retrofitted and would be able to structurally support a greenroof system and if greened could reduce citywide runoff by approximately 6%.

GENERAL; has been founded to provide construction administration services to ensure that home owners, developers, public planners, facility managers and architects understand how these systems are installed and maintained. GENERAL  is a full service firm that can assist in the creation of a project's development program, prepare cost estimates and landscape planting plans, and can generate construction documents and specifications if requested. In addition, we like to oversee a projects installation to ensure quality control and occasionally are asked to provide cost vs. benefit analyses, life cycle cost and energy savings projections, and assist in the LEED certification process.

GENERAL Maintenance believes that it takes a competent development and design team to successfully build greenroofs on time and under budget and pride ourselves in helping our clients find creative ways to help build their projects.
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